Stages Indoor Cycling launches in Europe

This month we launched Stages Indoor Cycling in Europe at DKitSports in Dundalk Ireland being the first install in Europe. A fortnight ago we launched in the UK at David Lloyd Leeds. I know, focusing on the big boys of the industry as always. No not quite, but they were the first to receive the excellent Instructors Essential Training course. For more information about this you can read a blog from our friends at the Indoor Cycling [...]

Welcome to the world of Stages Cycling

The screaming baby on my flight from Heathrow to Denver was exactly what I needed, (am I mad?) No I needed to stay awake for as long as possible to get into the correct time zone for my 3 day experience with Stages Indoor Cycling. Situated in a town called Boulder nestled in the Rocky Mountains sits this hub of fitness in the United States. The scenery was stunning and no wonder everyone is super active as [...]

What Motivates Us? – The PPL Consequence continued.

Recently I have been reading a great book called Drive: The surprising Truth about What motivates Us - by Daniel H Pink. A very interesting read. He illustrates that there is a clear science behind motivation, yet business seems to have neglected this science and have created their own science. As we also know there is a clear science to show how music motivates us during exercise, but again business seems ready to neglect this science in favour [...]

The PPL consequence – What I’ve learnt so far?

So far I have been writing blog posts on the PPL Consequence - last year I wrote Part 1. Read it here. Last month I updated the series. Read it here. I have another blog post in waiting but I just wanted to up-date you on what I have learnt so far, from a reply I had to my previous blog post. PPL and PRS are just companies that raise income for their members of the music [...]

The PPL Consequence – It’s here!

It has been almost 10 months since I wrote part 1 of this blog. Read it here to get up to speed.  However as highlighted in Part 1, the spread of the PPL consequence is growing. Next month David Lloyd will be deducting the £1.25 music licence fee from some instructors classes who decide to teach with music by original artists. Depending on the fee you demand this can be on average a 5% cut. Before we [...]

DDMIX – Raising the Educational Standard

Last year I was very fortunate to be introduced to Darcey Bussell to talk to her about her new idea for a fitness class called DDMIX – (Diverse Dance Mix), as always when you meet someone and talk to them about their passion you can’t help but be immediately enthralled and enveloped into their idea; it was because of this I decided to jump into the side of the fitness industry I had never ventured before; however [...]

Complacency is a deadly foe…

Complacency a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements. Have you ever been complacent in life? Are you being complacent right now? Are your indoor cycling classes full? Are you now thinking you must be the best indoor cycling instructor ever? Are you strutting out of the studio like a diva? Is the income looking great for the studio? Can you afford to relax? Hello Complacency! Have you put on a few pounds [...]

Will UK boutique studios ever match the USA?

As I start writing this blog post the very first clue between the differences between the UK  and the States is the red line appearing under realised. Yes we spell it with an 'S' across the pond they like to put in a 'Z'. In the USA they don't seem to have a problem with paying $35 for a group fitness session, plus shoe hire, plus water, lunch etc. It was this desire that spurned the UK [...]

Don’t touch my bike!

A warm bead of perspiration is just dangling off your eyebrow, catching in your peripheral vision as you scan your indoor cycling class. With a shake of your head it falls and is devoured by your sweat towel sprawled across your handlebars. You have just 10 seconds of this high intensity sprint left. You are observing your class to make sure no one has ridiculously high leg speed or have their bums bouncing off their saddles. This [...]

Teaching off the bike…

Is it bad to teach an indoor cycling class off the bike? I was going start this blog with a categorical ‘No! It is not bad to teach an indoor cycling class off the bike.’ Then I remembered one of my friends told me of a class she went to where the instructor was not on the bike. The instructor was sat on a Swiss-ball looking bored. I asked if perhaps they were injured? My friend replied [...]