Don’t touch my bike!

A warm bead of perspiration is just dangling off your eyebrow, catching in your peripheral vision as you scan your indoor cycling class. With a shake of your head it falls and is devoured by your sweat towel sprawled across your handlebars. You have just 10 seconds of this high intensity sprint left. You are observing your class to make sure no one has ridiculously high leg speed or have their bums bouncing off their saddles. This [...]

Teaching off the bike…

Is it bad to teach an indoor cycling class off the bike? I was going start this blog with a categorical ‘No! It is not bad to teach an indoor cycling class off the bike.’ Then I remembered one of my friends told me of a class she went to where the instructor was not on the bike. The instructor was sat on a Swiss-ball looking bored. I asked if perhaps they were injured? My friend replied [...]

The Evolution of Indoor Cycling

It’s 6.30am on a cold wintry morning, the year 1996. I walk into the gym carrying my Coomber tape deck. I place it next to the five Schwinn Madd Dog Spinning Bikes positions in the middle of the gym. I’m feeling very proud of myself this morning; my riders are in for a real treat. After weeks of teaching to whatever music was being pumped around the gym via the cd player positioned behind the gym desk, [...]

Velocity talks Yoga for Cyclists

Some of you may be pinching yourself at the title of this blog. Yoga? This coming from Velocity – moving at speed and super charged with energy, who finds sitting still an impossibility; true but the great thing about the fitness industry and social media is that you can stumble across some amazing individuals, and it’s via twitter that I first came across Lexie Williamson, @CycleRunYoga.  After several conversations, and seeing she was running a workshop at [...]

Lost for Words?

For those of you who have experienced one of my indoor cycling classes, you will know one thing, I am hardly lost for words. Some riders phase it differently, some would say I suffer from a severe case of verbal diahorrea. However if you look objectively there is a lot of information to send over to our riders, especially if you have a mix of abilities in your class. You need to give teaching cues about posture, [...]

Whose side I am on?

Here's a short blog post to update you on what's been going on with me. For those of you who don’t know, which could be a fair few as I haven’t really been shouting from the rafters about it, I have recently begun working with Keiser UK,  to recruit a team of Master Instructors and to evolve and deliver their training courses. This has gotten a few people confused and concerned about whether there will be a [...]

The PPL Licence Consequence.

I was delivering a training course this week and I had just gotten to the point of the course where we were discussing creating a class profile, planning your ride and the use of music when I was interrupted by a company manager explaining that their in-house instructors if teaching on shift had to use PPL free music. If they were teaching off shift and wanted to use original artists then they would be charged the PPL [...]

Don’t be surprised by the fitness industry bending the truth.

The other day I read an article by Emma Brockes at the Guardian She was claiming that fitness industry experts can make anything look fun to make women lose weight and if you don’t want to read the article to paraphrase it she talks about attending a hula hoop class and then talks about Soulcycle and the founder becoming a fitness expert from being a real estate broker. Well that's like saying Richard Branson is a fitness [...]

Indoor Cycling it seems it is time to Belt Up!

It seems that more and more indoor cycles manufacturers are moving back to the way of the belt and leaving the faithful chain behind. Now belt driven bikes are nothing new. I completed my Reebok Cycle qualification back in 1999 which were the first belt driven bikes I rode. I didn't enjoy the feel of the bikes, the belt slipped and it just didn't feel the same as the chain on the Schwinn bike I learnt 'Spinning®' [...]

The Fitness Industry – It’s all a load of HIIT!

Recently I went to Filex in Melbourne to work, here I was introduced to new concepts in fitness including Zuu (more on that later). On my last day we visited a new Fitness First Club  which has adopted a floor space is more philosophy for it’s gym users.  I had a discussion with my work colleagues about everything I had seen on my trip and as a result  it got me questioning the fitness industry once more. Because [...]