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Stages Indoor Cycling raise the standard at IDEA 2017

'Can we generate 1.21 gigawatts? Now as individuals I'm not expecting you to generate this much power! But together we should be able to generate enough power to get us back to the future! Whilst still riding at 88RPM! Are you with me?!' Javier Santin Stages University Brand Manager encourages the room full of riders. Behind him StagesFlight shows a flux capacitor pulsing. Stages Master Educator Pam Benchley thought it looked like something else but as this [...]

Continuing the education battle…

It's gone slightly past my 5th anniversary of our Velocity Indoor Cycling Program. But I am pleased to continue educating instructors around the world with our back to basics, safe, real fun style of #indoorcycling. The reason it has taken longer to announce it this year is due to the change to the Register of Exercise Professionals (UK) which was taken over by PD:Approval. My good friend Tom Bell and his endorsement team who have helped me [...]

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2017

I stood up on stage, looking out at the crowd who had gathered to hear my presentation at the IDEA World Fitness convention 2017 in Los Angeles. I wasn't feeling nervous surprisingly, perhaps this was due to the awesome support I had in the room from the amazing team at Stages Indoor Cycling. After a brief introduction it was time to start the presentation. I placed the first slide up. "Let's deal with the most important question [...]

Riding with Power

It's been almost a year since I came on board with Stages Indoor cycling and ramped up my knowledge of teaching with power in the world of indoor cycling. Yet it has always intrigued me about what this would mean in the outdoor world of cycling. This weekend thanks to Stages Cycling by providing me with a power meter, I went out to Spain to attach it to my road bike, purchased a new bike computer and [...]

Who dumbed down the Fitness Industry?

Last week I submitted another training course for Stages Indoor Cycling to SkillsActive to get it accredited. Along with other main indoor cycling manufacturers and my own Velocity Indoor Cycling Program. we aim to raise the standard of indoor cycling instructors in the industry. A couple of things have happened recently to make me re-address the topic of education within the fitness industry once more. Firstly I made the mistake of advertising a Velocity Indoor Cycling course [...]

The Art of Motivation

I read plenty of books about motivation, trying to understand the human mind and how we as instructors can use methods to increase our riders performance. Today I delivered a class which is a tough ride, mainly at Threshold, RPE 4/5 and then having peaks of 7/8 with minimal recovery between these peaks. So before I start this journey it is important, as with every class, I warm my riders up thoroughly. Here I use a 6 minute [...]

Review of the Year 2015.

Well I haven’t blogged for a while, illustrating a) how busy it’s been in the world of indoor cycling and b) how much time social media can take up. So as I get ready for a break over the festive period I thought I would review the year we have had, along with links to blogs I made in the year. What’s been occurring? Well for Velocity Indoor Cycling Program it has been another successful year. We [...]

Here comes another load of HIIT!

I can't believe it was almost 18 months ago that I wrote my blog 'The Fitness Industry is a load of HIIT!". If you read it, then you will know in summary I was accusing the fitness industry of focusing on individuals who were already fit and not enough focus on de-conditioned individuals. On the back of this I helped the College of Contemporary Health with their amazing program Make the Move - Working with Obese Clients [...]

Guest Blog – Staying Safe While Keeping Fit the Indoor Cycling Way

Social media can have its advantages and also disadvantages, but it enables you to discover like minded people in or out of your field of expertise. It was how I met Mad from www.Icebike.org . As they say themselves " Icebike.org is a labor of love. A love of bikes and all kinds of cycling. We try to cover all kinds of cycling here on Icebike.org. Depending on where you end up on the site, you can [...]

Is your Studio giving that Personal Touch?

I have just arrived back from Sydney Australia where I lead education on the launch of the Stages Indoor Cycle SC3 at award winning boutique studio Pelotone, with fitness distributor Eye Fitness. I have written a lot about Stages lately so I don't want to bore you with it; so I thought I would turn my attention back to why there is still an opportunity for the boutique studio. One thing that I am finding very evident [...]