It’s gone slightly past my 5th anniversary of our Velocity Indoor Cycling Program. But I am pleased to continue educating instructors around the world with our back to basics, safe, real fun style of #indoorcycling. The reason it has taken longer to announce it this year is due to the change to the Register of Exercise Professionals (UK) which was taken over by PD:Approval. My good friend Tom Bell and his endorsement team who have helped me continuously to navigate through the educational minefield gave me this for this post.

‘PD: Approval has been contracted to run endorsement on behalf of REPs. They offer a fully independent robust quality assurance process from beginning to end and their core role is to ensure quality assured training is available to REPs members, recognisable to learners and employers through a quality kitemark.
The Quality Training Portal, a database to search for endorsed training, will continue to be available but work is underway to develop a new exciting platform – more details to come.’

Whilst much has been made about REPs and now the new boy on the block #CIMSPA I still believe it is paramount that the fitness industry has some way of endorsing education to raise the standards; which still mire the fitness industry – with so called #inhouse training – continued shortening of courses (as time spent off the shop floor is too valuable for most companies). The industry then wonders why their programming isn’t working, after spending huge amounts of money on concepts or equipment. As always, the success of an #indoorcycle studio, a HIIT studio or Functional Floor space is not down to the equipment but down to the instructors.

Globally I still see standards dropping and more and more companies are doing away with pre-requistes; (as if knowing about the human body or how is works is no longer valuable). It’s more important about how you look, your personality or how many followers you have on social media. Some of the giants of the industry are now just more interested in making money than educating their instructors and yet the wage for a large percentage of class instructors has gone down what with PPL free music syndrome and with the cost of living. One of the most common comments I receive from Indoor Cycling studio owners is the lack of talent out in the field, but talent doesn’t happen overnight.

Whilst we praise the rise in boutique studios, who have obviously discovered a niche in the market which is being neglected by the rest of the fitness industry it is these studios which seem to be doing the most harm in my opinion to the integrity of the fitness industry. By performing ‘in-house’ training to Fitness Models, Actors/Actresses to do the job of fitness professionals. Sure their training takes 6 weeks. (The same length of time it now takes to become a Personal Trainer) but who is leading the training? What safe-guards are there with this training? Yet we the industry just seem almost happy to wait for lawsuits to come their way. Surely we must be better than that!

I remain loyal to the educational process and with my partners in Australia #EyeFitness we continue to have our programme endorsed by Fitness Australia with a CEC’s course.

Why stay loyal to REPs? Well they were the first to the market and have been following the industry for some time. Whilst competition is good, perhaps having two governing bodies looking after the industry may help raise standards? (I will see what happens next year with PD: Approval. CIMSPA are yet to prove themselves to me in the industry and sliding up to big corporates doesn’t mean you are helping to raise standards).

I will be interested to see what changes PD: Approval put into place for next year. The signs are encouraging. Surely only more stringent guidelines on what is endorsed as a training program will be more beneficial to the #fitnessindustry.

Whilst my work has migrated more to Stages Indoor Cycling over the past year we remain vigilant and ready to train instructors at the drop of the hat. My motto remains the same as when I started. ‘One instructor at a time if needs be!’ This year still looks to have some more exciting news as we continue to grow and work with more partners.

Real fun, real knowledge gets you real results.