Social media can have its advantages and also disadvantages, but it enables you to discover like minded people in or out of your field of expertise. It was how I met Mad from . As they say themselves ” is a labor of love. A love of bikes and all kinds of cycling. We try to cover all kinds of cycling here on Depending on where you end up on the site, you can read about long-distance bike touring, the history of cycling and quite a few other things. We try to cover all kinds of cycling because we think everybody get rid of their cars and start biking.’

They made contact with me as they had written a post about keeping safe within Indoor Cycling. I was happy to share it but I asked for a condensed version with a link to the larger article. Many good points are covered in it. So here we are. Our first guest blog post on our website. Thanks

Why is indoor cycling so hard?

We all recognized indoor cycling as a way to stay safe and stay fit at the same time. After all, not all of us have the time or the roads to be able to bike outside for fitness. There are a lot of people living in cities where the streets are simply too busy to cycle safely on.

The problem with indoor cycling is that a lot of people have a hard time adapting to it. After all, stationary bikes are rather a foreign experience to people who are used to feeling the wind through their hair and the hum of the wheels on tarmac beneath them. Because it is such a foreign experience, a lot of people who attend classes for indoor biking end up making a lot of mistakes. This doesn’t only mean that they tend to have bad technique, of course. Half the job is fitting in with the rest of the attendees at the class. It can be quite hard to do this right.

The reasons behind the bad form

If you have been to a class for the first time, you might have noticed that most of the people at the class are already comrades. They are quite friendly with each other, and it might feel like you are an outcast. Believe it or not, this can actually impact how well you perform on your indoor biking session. The feeling of being left out of an exclusive club of people, of standing on the sidelines and watching the pros do what they do best can cause negative energy in you. This in turn can have a major impact on your technique and how well the class actually gets in your head.

In addition to this, there is always the problem that some people are just plain lazy. You may not even realize it but you are showing off that you are lazy simply by turning up late to class every single time. If you really want to fit in and get noticed, you are going to have to get yourself up earlier and actually show up every day.

Writing our indoor cycling post

Upon realizing that there were so many mistakes that people made when going to an indoor cycling class, we decided that something needed to be done to help the newbies out. So we observed and noted down the thirty four most noticeable mistakes, both through first hand experience and more. We looked high and low for ways to remedy this. When we had found a real solution to each of these mistakes, we put them all down on our website so that anyone who was considering signing up could benefit. We wanted this to help people who were already in a class actually fit in and do it right as well. To all cyclists out there, stay on those pedals, whether the wheels move or not.