I stood up on stage, looking out at the crowd who had gathered to hear my presentation at the IDEA World Fitness convention 2017 in Los Angeles. I wasn’t feeling nervous surprisingly, perhaps this was due to the awesome support I had in the room from the amazing team at Stages Indoor Cycling.

After a brief introduction it was time to start the presentation. I placed the first slide up. “Let’s deal with the most important question first!” For everyone in the indoor cycling community your brain is probably whirling; what a powerful statement, and I wonder what he means. ‘What is the number one question Americans normally ask someone when they find out you are from London?” I asked my audience. “Do you know the Queen!” came a voice in the crowd. “Exactly!” I said and placed a picture of the Queen of England up on the screen. “Unfortunately I don’t!” the disappointment in the room was palpable (well not quite).

I’m a firm believer that whatever you do in life, whether it is coaching, training, competiting or delivering an indoor cycling class there needs to be an element of fun present. In amongst all the pain and tears there needs to be moments of light relief otherwise it would be continuous loop of agony which no one would endure. The sheer sight of Sir David Brailsford doing an impression of Chris Froome running up Mount Ventoux illustrates that even at the highest level their needs to a less serious release.

I was honoured to be at IDEA this year and representing Stages Indoor Cycling, it was a great opportunity for me to highlight my style of delivery in the world of indoor cycling. I was delivering a workshop called Triple Set Mindset. Looking at how to deliver the same playlist in 3 different ways; dependant on what studio and bike you maybe riding on. From studios with old skool bikes to the latest high tech environments.

The first way required us to cover console with our sweat towels and allowed me to teach using just RPE and Analogies to get my riders to where I wanted them to be, which on this ride was riding at Threshold. We then used the console to ride to goals before finally teaching a class using our new software display supplied by VismoX.

At the end of the presentation I chatted to some of the attendees, as I was more nervous after it was finished, to make sure the presentation had been well perceived. One person said at the beginning of the presentation they were sceptical about returning to the 80’s and were really interested in the technology.

But during the convention I was able to to listen to some demo’s using the latest technology in the world of indoor cycling. Technology whilst awesome and something that all indoor cycling instructors should embrace. What we need to be aware about is that technology does a lot of work for us. It is now very easy for all instructors just to teach to a colour, ” Go Red, now return to blue, change it to green, now red” We no longer need to describe to the riders why they are riding in each zone, or how it should be feeling. Using verbal communication is not a skill we should leave in the 80’s; any good instructor should continue to practice and hone these skills, because after all we all know by now, technology can have it’s off day and then how are you going to teach?

Hopefully I’ll see you at IDEA next year! If you were at any sessions this year would be great to hear from you. ūüôā