The Velocity Indoor Cycling Programs main goal is to make sure we produce only great indoor cycling instructors. We train our instructors to educate their class about the importance of mimicking outdoor cycling in an indoor arena and then give them the licence to express themselves as individuals.

So you enjoy the ride.

Below is a list of some of our successful trainees who are now fully fledged trainers in their own right. Read about how they found the course and what their favourite track is to teach too and where you can experience their classes.

GARY HEADFitness Instructor

Gary has embraced the Velocity Indoor Cycling Program core values, and members always queue to experience his class, for his pumping sound track and enthusiasm gets his classes working hard and achieving results.

Benny Benassi – Spaceship – (Alex Gaudino and Jason Rooney Remix)

The Velocity Indoor Cycling program has its foundation set in real cycling, but places importance in using the right music to motivate your class which I like.

Nuffield Health and Fitness Centre Surbiton, Nuffield Health and Fitness Cheam and Norbury.

PAT WOODFitness Instructor

Pat Wood was one of Velocity Indoor Cycling first instructors and from being more use to 1-2-1 training he immediately fell in love with group exercise. As we say on our flyers ‘ Do you want to raise your earning potential’ Pat has certainly done that, teaching at numerous health clubs in his area and receiving rave reviews about his classes.

“Anthem” by Filo n Peri feat. Eric Lumiere. This track always lifts the class.

Velocity brings the highest quality training delivered by passionate highly experienced instructor in the industry. The key basics of structuring energised challenging and motivating workouts are of course all there but Velocity also allows you to explore your own take on indoor cycling so that you develop your own style very quickly.

Nuffield Health Club Surbiton : Weybridge Health Club : Thames Club : Pavillion : David Lloyd – Hampton : Virgin Active Kingston – Richmond Road : Fitness First – Teddington

IZABELA RUPRIKFitness Instructor

Izabela came onto my Velocity Indoor cycling course as she was keen to continue to learn about Indoor Cycling and really embraced our ideas on the training course. So I am pleased that she has come on board as one of our instructions. She teaches a lot in London so go and hunt out one of her classes.

Rudimental: Not Giving In & Waiting All Night

Because I now feel confident in my technical ability to deliver a safe and challenging class. I can help people set up the bike right and they appreciate it as it doesn’t seem to be a regular practice with all instructors.  I can actually explain to them why I want the bike to be set up in a certain way. I feel confident that a simple class can be interesting and challenging without introducing any add-ons I find dubious.

37 Degrees Tower & Kensington : Nuffield & Nuffield Corporate : FF all over Central London : The Peak in Knightsbridge : GymBox : Virgin.

JAMES JENNINGSFitness Instructor

James Jennings is one of our first instructors and is a very talented young instructor. He has a real passion for Indoor Cycling and has embraced the Velocity Indoor Cycling Program and now teaches classes already 85% of occupancy. Read more ab

Michael Jackson, Dirty Diana

The best training courses for Indoor Cycling by far.  Assisting instructors to teach safely and simply.  Delivering classes that will engage participants and achieve results whilst having Fun!

The Thames Club

AMY WILLIAMSFitness Instructor

Amy qualified at Fitness First in Bournemouth and they made the sensible choice of giving her a Monday Morning class. Last week full. That is impressive turn around from a new instructor, yet as Velocity Instructors that’s what we expect. However look at Amy’s music choices and you can see whilst keeping her workouts tough she turns them into an event rather than just a class.

It’s a close call between Chariots of Fire and Frank Sinatra New York New York.

Loving the “keeping it real”, no gimmicks approach. Apart from ensuring my riders are 100% safe at all times, which is key at VICP, every class is an experience, with stacks of fun – and hard work – along the way.

Fitness First Bournemouth.


Find out what people have been saying about our indoor cycling program and how it has helped them get great indoor cycling instructors teaching at their clubs

The Velocity Indoor Cycling Course is fun, exhilarating and delivered to a high standard. I highly recommend Velocity to any person who wants to learn how to be an excellent Indoor Cycling Instructor.


What a totally great investment. I think every indoor cycle teacher should spend at least one day on your training course. We were delighted with the on bike training method you use ,and we can see the results in practice every day.


Neil’s was simply the highest standard class I had undertaken, it is always clearly planned to music, incredibly challenging and provides a real sense of achievement upon completion.