So after taking some friendly advice from other fitness experts they encouraged me to take the plunge into writing a blog.  No doubt the first blog is the hardest. I’m hoping this doesn’t become to Jerry Maguire like.  However people buy in to people, into their concepts and beliefs so I thought there was no better way to start than by sharing my vision.

It’s time to raise the standards of Indoor Cycling Instruction.

So who is Velocity Indoor Cycling Program, in essence at present it is just me. (Worldwide domination is just around the corner.) I’m Neil Troutman the founder of this program. What makes this program unique from all the other indoor cycling programs on the market? ME!

Let me explain. That isn’t an arrogant me. It’s just that without me this concept wouldn’t be here in the first place.

So what makes me tick? Indoor Cycling is my passion. I can talk the hind legs off a donkey about teaching a great Indoor Cycling class.

However the fitness industry is my environment.  I have been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years. So first and foremost I am Fitness professional, I enjoy training with people and watching people exercise and get results, but I am a big believer in getting everyone moving. The fitness industry still seems to make the same mistakes and continues to focus on the 20% of the nation who wants to train and get fit. If you belong to a gym look at the timetable, how many 20 minute or 30 minute classes are on the program? Most are 45 minutes to 1 hour. If your new to exercise that’s pretty daunting right. Oh there are some 30 min classes, ok what are their names. High Intensity Workout! Burn those calories, but if you are de-conditioned it means 30 minutes of torture and days of suffering after. Not really a great advert for returning to the gym.

No doubt I will blog about this subject matter again.

Anyway back to Indoor Cycling. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Spinning® 17 years ago in my local gym where I was working. You may have seen on my Facebook page Velocity Indoor Cycling Program a picture of me and my dad cycling in Spain this year. I grew up riding a bike, until I moved to London where I deemed it too dangerous. So Spinning® was like a life line for my legs. Spinning® was the original program created by Johnny G, it was awesome; it rocked for about a year. Then I found I needed more. Even as avid cyclist I found riding indoors was becoming tedious. I longed to be out on my real bike rather than being sat on a stationary bike in the gym trying to double guess what type of song would come next on the CD. (The player was situated behind the gym desk, away from the bikes, on shuffle!)

What was to follow over the next 17 years was a journey which has seen me do 6 indoor cycling qualifications, use my skill set as a DJ and love of all music genres to create inventive playlist and my overactive imaginative to creative imagery based rides. However through it all and probably the most important thing, I have always appreciated  that most people who do indoor cycling classes do not ride bikes, they want to come and have a great workout in a painful but fun way. In a class where the instructor coaches and corrects technique and who plans the ride so it has a purpose.

I won’t bore you with my CV of work in the fitness industry however a combination of working  with other fitness companies I was able to travel the whole of the United Kingdom and some of the world and what I witnessed in most indoor cycling studios was to be honest scary. But I was thinking somewhere these people are being trained to teach like this; whilst others were lazy or had been forced into teaching by their companies and paid no heed to instruction.

So how was Velocity born? What gave me the kick up the butt to take a stand to take action?

It was a big military boot that set the wheels of Velocity into motion. Through a contact the 9th Regiment asked whether I could deliver training for them. I was like sure, I can do that. However if I was going to deliver training to the military I owed them enough respect to make sure it was done properly. So I created the Velocity Indoor Cycling Program. I know it’s a mouthful but Velocity Indoor Cycling was already taken. I then proceeded to submit it through REPs, which they approved.

So with the tools in hand it was time to unleash myself onto an already saturated marketplace.

So what makes me and the Velocity Indoor Cycling program different?

17 years of teaching classes and I’m still teaching, 10 classes a week. Still adapting and experimenting with my teaching style, still riding on the shop floor.  A love of music, and unfortunately whilst my vinyl and decks now sit silent, I am constantly looking and searching for new and old music to teach to. A backing of some great instructors from the UK and abroad, which not only gives me knowledge and challenges me with indoor cycling but challenges me with running training programs and motivating a group.

Ultimately I believe it is my passion for this role, I want the best instructors to receive my certificate. I don’t want to run a qualification where just turning up means you can teach. I have a brand and a reputation to keep. If you are being made to teach I want to make you change your mindset and see this as an opportunity.  For the past 16 years I always used to say I was a Personal Trainer who did indoor cycling. However last year I realised I’m a Group Exercise instructor who does the occasional PT session. When I first came into the industry I was a quiet guy at school, if someone said you’d be up teaching to 50 people or leading training sessions or even creating your own training program I would have laughed. The world of fitness is constantly changing, new products, new classes, old ideas repackage, new technology. All I know is that for the past 17 years all I know is that I have been teaching the strongest class concept there has ever been, and it is just getting stronger. Some believe technology is the answer, I disagree I believe an awesome instructor who knows how to teach, coach, motivate, have fun with a blinding playlist beats any reality concept hands down. Until companies and individuals are willing to invest in themselves to constantly learn and develop then the gym abiding members will think that technology is the only answer to making sitting on a stationary bike which goes nowhere exciting.

It’s not all about the bike.

I won’t just blog about indoor cycling, as I said I am a fitness professional and the fitness industry is my environment and though I am no longer in the day to day running of health clubs, my contacts and interests in the industry probably allow me a different view on the industry. I will also be able to give you an insight into what could be coming your way within the industry.