It was just over a year ago I was sat in the Keiser UK head office talking about their educational offering, and if we are to be honest here, whilst the foundation course was in place, the behind the scene work for REPs and standardisation processes were in tatters. With the course classified as ‘High Risk’ I offered Keiser UK my services to help bring their training in line with all the other indoor cycling training courses in the market. Obviously being classified as High Risk it was only a matter of time before we were contacted again via SkillsActive to come and monitor a training course. We passed and the Foundation course with a few minor tweaks is now a Low Risk training. During the last year, somehow by default I became Keiser UK master trainer helping them deliver their Foundation course and recently fine tuning their Empowerment workshop which has recently been awarded 4 REPs points.

I always view every experience/opportunity as a learning experience. In my line of work I have been privileged to work with and witness some of the best indoor cycling instructors in the world. At Keiser they have without a shadow of a doubt one of the best in Paco Gonzalez. Working alongside him made me raise my game. Also meeting Dennis Keiser and listening to him explain how he developed the M3 bike, the passion, the challenges he faced; again made me look at the product in a whole different light. Also learning about air resistance was eye opening but this just highlighted how important education to any product is essential. I hear a lot of indoor cycle instructors criticise the bike, but again if it was so easy to design an indoor cycle someone would have made the perfect bike, but as we all know as instructors whilst there are a wide range of awesome bikes, not one manufacturer has made the perfect indoor cycle.

Unfortunately wherever you work, even if you are just a contractor, somehow politics always seems to spoil the fun. Earlier this year I was approached by Stages Indoor Cycling about their new bike, they needed someone to deliver education. Now I know many of you would have been on training courses where the tutor is monotone, self-centre, so you understand how important a good tutor is? Be aware there is a world of difference between being a good instructor and a good educator. You’ll always remember your fun school teacher right, who made learning both educational and fun. That’s what I aim to do.

Some indoor cycling experts were like, ‘can you really work for Keiser and Stages at the same time, isn’t there a clash of interest?‘, also remembering I have my Velocity Indoor Cycling Program® in the mix as well. I was like ‘of course, I just want to educate instructors how to deliver a meaningful indoor cycling experience.’ Oh check me out wearing ‘rose tinted glasses’. Unfortunately these so called experts were right. Dam it! A few months ago David Lloyd Leisure placed Stages cycles into Leeds and Brussels removing the Keiser bikes. This didn’t sit too well so I had to choose between one brand or the other. Insert pantomine Boo’s here!

So yesterday after a great year with Keiser UK, I watched and shadowed my last Foundation course as the new Keiser UK trainer Darren Teagles took over the reins. I’ve recruited him, so he’s freaking awesome naturally.

So now I move onto the next stage of my continuing journey in the world of indoor cycling. Working alongside Stages Indoor Cycling, and their super talented head of education Cameron Chinatti who again I’ve learnt so much from already and their fierce team of Master Educators. To begin spreading the word of working with accurate data, but in a fun and effective manner. Working alongside our custom SIQ software, helping riders understand power and ultimately training smarter and achieving results quicker. Even if they are not training and simply exercising we want them to exercise with a purpose. My Velocity Indoor Cycling Program® is still here as an entry qualification into the world of indoor cycling.

Next stop with Stages – Australia here we come!