Well I haven’t blogged for a while, illustrating a) how busy it’s been in the world of indoor cycling and b) how much time social media can take up. So as I get ready for a break over the festive period I thought I would review the year we have had, along with links to blogs I made in the year.

What’s been occurring? Well for Velocity Indoor Cycling Program it has been another successful year. We broke the 200 instructor barrier, we became an international educational body, successfully attaining accreditation in Australia. We created new partnerships with fitness companies and we have already decided on key targets to hit in 2016, our 4th year as we continue to grow.

The start of the year saw me working with Keiser UK, but that quickly changed with the introduction of Stages Indoor Cycling. Working with all big organisations guarantees that you will learn something new to improve yourself as an instructor, educator and a person. As written in my blog, Onto the next Stage highlights.

However the Challenge that Stages posed was great and the belief and passion behind the product led me to come on board for them as a Master Educator. My blog post Welcome to the World of Stages Cycling. It has not been a decision I have regretted at all. Again my learning curve has continued on the up, re-thinking indoor cycling, presenting and education skills from a personal stand point.

From a Fitness Consultancy point of view I helped DDMIX launch their new dance fitness program. Yet again an amazing experience working with such passionate and elite dancers. Stepping well out of my comfort zone to produce an education program based around a genre of exercise I have never had the experience of before, was enlightening. Leading to my Blog post DDMIX raising the educational standard At the end of the year and hopefully to be completed early in 2016 I have been consulting with Basi Pilates. Giving guidance and helping people who have the desire and attitude to make a difference in the educational standards in the fitness industry is definitely one I relish.

As for teaching indoor cycling, well boutique studios continue to grow at an amazing rate, this year we see the launch of the all studio concept, where members who just want to participate in Group Exercise no longer need to pay for the expense of a gym or swimming pool. At the end of 2015 I am now solely teaching at boutique studios, and whilst the main gyms are now retaliating with amazing indoor cycling studios, they have financial constraints and music constraints which the boutiques studios can take advantage of to give them that cutting edge still. I wrote several blogs on the PPL consequence however here is the final installment. What Motivates us?

The war continues to rage in the world of indoor cycling between ‘party on a bike’ and ‘keep it real’, but as the UK announced this week that participation in physical activity had flat lined 3 years after the Olympics and the number of people categorised as Overweight or Obese continue to rise, we as fitness professionals still need to look at the bigger picture. Again working with the College of Contemporary Health this year with their course ‘Making the Move’ yet again was rewarding and an eye opener. Yet this process for me revealed the amount of red tape and stumbling blocks that our industry places in the way of improving our fitness professionals.

You maybe reading this and thinking ‘WOW‘ what a year, no negativity anywhere. Of course there have been challenges along every journey but it’s how you assess these challenges and move on. Education is key in the fitness industry. Knowledge and experience is crucial for prescribing the right exercises to people and how to coach them to execute those exercises correctly. You gain this from experience and continual learning. You don’t stop learning after a 6 week PT course, or because every 3 months you receive a workout written for you. You need to seize every learning opportunity with a blank open mind, go into every training as if you know nothing, absorb what is being told to you, then decide whether you want to take it on board or not.

2016 will be my 20th year of teaching Indoor Cycling. As I  mounted the Schwinn ‘Johnny G’ Spinner all that time ago, not in my wildest dreams did I envisage where it would take me, (in effect no where as it is a stationary cycle) and not only from an instructional view point, but continually learning about Motivation, Presentational skills, and how to make education fun. You never know where any opportunity may take you, but if you walk into a situation with a closed or narrow mind one thing is for certain you will miss opportunities. If you believe you have nothing left to learn, then the ‘Fitness Industry’ is not the industry for you. If you are not prepare to look beyond the boundaries of a company or a concept you believe in, then how do you know what is going on outside of that concept. If you are not prepare to challenge, or ask questions at any point in your career how do you expect to grow? As an instructor, personal trainer, or educational trainer always look for personal development at all times. In this industry ‘faking it until you make it’ is not an option as you are putting peoples well-being at risk. Retain your integrity, if you don’t know something be honest. Go away and learn. No-one can know everything all of the time. Specialise, become a Master of Some and not a Jack of All.

I had to finish the year with a mini ‘Rant’, and trust me I deleted a shed load of it. But I may revisit it in 2016. However it is now that I wish you all the best for the festive period and I hope 2016 does bring you that personal development that we all need, but more important than that, personal happiness. Enjoy the ride.