This month we launched Stages Indoor Cycling in Europe at DKitSports in Dundalk Ireland being the first install in Europe. A fortnight ago we launched in the UK at David Lloyd Leeds. I know, focusing on the big boys of the industry as always. No not quite, but they were the first to receive the excellent Instructors Essential Training course. For more information about this you can read a blog from our friends at the Indoor Cycling Association. I visited Ireland shortly after, again taking with me the message of Power and riding with data. Both training sessions were amazing and greeted with enthusiasm and determination.

The reason I’m blogging about David Lloyd Leisure Leeds is about how they have embraced the indoor cycling culture, how they are exploring ways to maximise the indoor cycling space. As we are all aware indoor cycling is booming and we have boutique studios opening everywhere, however for the last couple of years it seem that the big boys have been trying to decide what to do about another this strain of the fitness industry emerging into the market, more competition, more choice for their members.

Well David Lloyd has decided to invest and invest big into the world of indoor cycling. They have decided not to give boutiques an easy ride. At David Lloyd Leeds, it is the first studio and club embracing most genres of the indoor cycling world. First off as you walk into the gym you will see Watt bikes positioned on the gym floor in front of a screen, in a few weeks this screen will begin playing scheduled Sufferfest videos to make your ride structured and a little bit more interesting.

Walking through their latest gym refurbishment you come to the group cycle studio and you open the door into a world of awesomeness. You will be greeted by 40 new Stages Indoor Cycles. The first studio in the UK. Your eyes will track to a huge cycling graphic on the back wall and a stage with the instructors bike under the spotlights next to a control pad. The stage has under lighting which changes colour and the ceiling has been spattered with colour changing star lights. You will then notice on the wall that there are more lights which can pulse to the beat or create different patents so not as in your face as some disco lights.

As an instructor climbing onto the stage it is awesome, an ipad controls music volume, microphone volume and lighting function, sweet. Above the ipad sits the PIQ laptop all primed and ready for the introduction of SIQ classes in the near future. Pressing the PIQ button on the ipad a large screen scrolls down ready to view all your accurate data from the Stages Indoor Cycle.

But that is not all, not wanting to allow this impressive studio to sit empty and quiet for long periods of the day, this studio utilises this big screen, it will display Les Mills RPM Virtual classes and Sufferefest rides as well, allowing members to be motivated and driven nearly every hour of the day. They are not trying to do away with the ‘Rockstar’ performances from their instructors, in fact with the Stages Instructor Essentials course, we just gave them a few powerful tools to improve their indoor cycling experience. In a few hours time I fly off to deliver training to David Lloyd Brussels as the Stages Indoor Cycle hits mainland Europe.

Whilst David Lloyd are working towards the full on boutique experience, they still have some barriers to overcome, but if boutiques studios believe these barriers can not be overcome in a fairly short period of time, then think again. The big boys are retaliating. Boutiques don’t rest on your laurels.

Want to know more about Stages Indoor Cycling feel free to contact me further.