Can we generate 1.21 gigawatts? Now as individuals I’m not expecting you to generate this much power! But together we should be able to generate enough power to get us back to the future! Whilst still riding at 88RPM! Are you with me?!’ Javier Santin Stages University Brand Manager encourages the room full of riders. Behind him StagesFlight shows a flux capacitor pulsing. Stages Master Educator Pam Benchley thought it looked like something else but as this is a family page I won’t reveal what she said.

The riders roared ready for the challenge; with a flick of the wrist the sound of the Sprintshift being engaged echoed around the room. The screen on stage turned into a time tunnel could they really generate that much power?

‘ Where did we come out at?’ Javier asked as the screen went black. Then the screen showed the infamous time travel computer from the Back to the Future movie and miraculously the date showed 20th July 2017 7.35am…the exact date and time of the class! Awesome work. This was IDEA 2017 and Stages Indoor Cycling had just delivered their opening Gambit #TheDorkside. A joint workout with StagesFlight Manager Dennis Mellon.

This set the benchmark which would prove to be yet another defining year for Stages Indoor Cycling. With the growth of the US Stages Educator team, this year saw 2 new presenters, but better than that 3 new workshops written by the Stages Education Team.

I was fortunate enough to be invited back to deliver my Triple Threat Mindset workshop, slightly improved and enhanced with the StagesFlight system. You can read about my first years experience here. I won’t bore you again.

The next day saw an incredible workshop by US Master Educator Marina Mitchell and Canandian Master Educator Kristy Kilcup, debating one of the most important topics within the world of indoor cycling at present. Can you combine Power and Rhythm or is there actually a divide? Kristy played the Power Queen to perfection, having many riders for the first 15 mins of the workshop wondering why they had gotten out of bed so early, then the paced changed when Marina got on Stage as the Party on the Bike Queen, then between the two of them they illustrated perfectly how the two formats can be blended together.

They should both be back next year to deliver this workshop, it was truly inspiring and just illustrated to me how talented a team we have in the US. Our friend Jennifer Sage from the Indoor Cycling Association interviewed the two of them after their workshop. To get a better flavour of what occurred you can watch it here.

Then we went track cycling with Master Educator Lenita Anthony who herself is a Masters World Track Cycling Champion and World Record holder! So if anyone was going to be able to teach and coach a ‘pursuit’ style class it’s this amazing lady. Again using Go-Pro footage of herself riding in a pursuit and using the amazing video feature that StagesFlight has to offer, the participants were thrown into a real race situation. Exceptional but more importantly Unique!

The Stages Indoor Cycling experience was capped off by our true presenting legend Pam Benchley. What a line-up; and the scary part for our competiton; yet again waiting in the wings of the hall a wealth of talent and experience chomping at the bit to present next year. Stages Indoor Cycling is unique as it trusts and has faith in it’s education team to create and develop their own workshops. There is no outside tampering or censorship. We all believe our core message and we go out and deliver it in the best possible way. So get ready IDEA 2018, check out how many new workshop ideas are submitted.

I just hope that next year we are given more slots, plus I’m hoping my ‘ Power Recipe’ workshop will be chosen, as I’m not to sure I can top my Triple Threat Mindset for a 3rd year. However I could go for the triple as we know by now everyone likes a trilogy these days. However the competition is fierce, can my accent and cheesiness secure me a place once more? Watch this blog.

IDEA San Diego, we’ll be back even more powerful than this year!