The screaming baby on my flight from Heathrow to Denver was exactly what I needed, (am I mad?) No I needed to stay awake for as long as possible to get into the correct time zone for my 3 day experience with Stages Indoor Cycling. Situated in a town called Boulder nestled in the Rocky Mountains sits this hub of fitness in the United States. The scenery was stunning and no wonder everyone is super active as they can take advantage of this natural habitat to do a wide range of activities; whether hiking, road cycling, mountain biking and then in the winter get involve in Winter Sports, there really is no excuse.

This is the base for Stages Cycling which manufactures Power Meters, in a very short period of time they have become the number 1 supplier of Power Meters in the world. They supply some of the top teams including Team Sky with their meters.

On day one of my trip I was given a guided tour of their factory seeing the level of detail and testing that goes in to making sure that their Power Meter stays accurate in the heat, cold and during humid conditions and they also remain water tight; making it suitable for all types of bicycles, road bikes, mountain, cyclo-cross and now the Indoor Cycling arena.

Yes you heard me right, Stages have just created the Stages Indoor Cycle. You would have seen pictures of this bike on my Facebook page and Twitter feed when I worked with them at FIBO this year. So what was I doing in Denver? Well with Power comes a need for Education and Stages have their own Stages Cycling University designed to deliver their training concept. This was to be their first delivery of the course, so I was invited to attend.

It was a great opportunity to meet again their head of education Cameron Chinatti but also to meet finally their trainers some who I had connected with in Social media and as a special surprise Jennifer Sage from Indoor Cycling Association was also on the course.  The course is presented in a totally different approach to most indoor cycling programs I have worked with in the past or even my own Velocity Indoor Cycling Program. Which of naturally makes it refreshing and it manages to condense a wealth of information into a very short time frame, as they take advantage of some great technology.

The team of Master Educators are a fierce combination of Semi Pro riders, track riders and in the Stages Office there are an abundant of bikes as some of the employees are also ex Pro cyclists and strong Cat riders on the circuit. So when it came to delivering our FTP test, I put my low ( yet my personal best score) down to jet lag and being up at altitude. (surely those are valid excuses right?)

Stages have also partnered up with Performance IQ to develop Stages IQ a unique system specifically tailored for the bike. I will introduce SIQ in a separate post.

So why should you be getting excited about this new bike? Well at last from an Indoor Cycle you are getting real accurate data, from a source tested on the outdoor arena; if you start teaching to benchmarks of performance the more accurate the feedback the better. So why this post? Well as always on my journey within the world of indoor cycling I am always open to opportunities which come my way, and I am pleased to announce that I am now part of the Master Educators team for Stages Indoor Cycling and we are set to launch in the UK next week. Watch out for more news on that. Yes my role is changing within some companies and I have some big news regarding Velocity Indoor Cycling Program soon. I’m not giving it in. There is still room in the world for us both.

For more information on Stages Indoor Cycling click here! Or of course you could just ask me.