It’s not all about the bike – Why attend training courses?

I want to introduce you to Lebert Fitness.

At the same time I was creating the Velocity Indoor Cycling Program, I was introduced to Lebert Fitness via a friend on Facebook. ‘Looks what coming to the UK soon!’ @SueWilkie (now education director for Physical Company) announced. I watched the two videos on the Equalisers and the Buddysystem and straight away I was like that is so simple and effective. Draw backs only a small supplier in the UK and the training course was in Germany.

It is easy for all of us to get stuck in a rut. What shall I do next?

Take a chance – a risk. Open your mind to learning. Here’s a new concept. YouTube is not learning; it is simply copying what you see on the video without proper explanation or instruction on how to perform the exercises. If you have not been certified on how to use Kettlebells, watching a Youtube clip on how to perform a KB Swing doesn’t make you a certified expert. Otherwise we’d all be vets as we watch so many animal clips.

I found this interesting blog the other day from

To summarize the numbers (which sometimes get cited differently) learners retain approximately:
90% of what they learn when they teach someone else/use immediately.
75% of what they learn when they practice what they learned.
50% of what they learn when engaged in a group discussion.
30% of what they learn when they see a demonstration.
20% of what they learn from audio-visual.
10% of what they learn when they’ve learned from reading.
5% of what they learn when they’ve learned from lecture.

See the difference. Read the blog it’s interesting. Learning by making mistakes is a key point.

If you have not been on a training course for a while, shake yourself down and attend one. The atmosphere on a training course is always good fun. Even if you have done a course on the topic before, go and be refreshed. In my opinion if you learn just one new thing or it gives you a flash of inspiration then it was worth the time and money. Be trained by an external trainer or organisation, break out from the in-house training production line. It is of no benefit to you outside of the organization and the knowledge is filter down and down and down. Do not fall into that trap. If you get to go somewhere different than the UK also take the risk, it’s always an adventure and great meeting awesome trainers from around the world.

Also without the certification on a bit of kit are you confident your insurance covers you if you injure your client? When I was at IDEA last year and talking to the head of education for Lebert Fitness no-one would entertain the use of using VIPr or TRX without being certified. TRX we all know that, sure I’ll just wrap it over a branch and away I go. At IDEA I went to a workshop led by the awesome @hayleyhollander. I was shown 4 exercises on the VIPr I had never seen done before and most major chains have them gathering dust in the corner. Why? Because there is a lack of investment in training, so they show you basic exercises like, Thread the Needle, Side Lunge with VIPr, Torso twist and Squats.

Check out Hayley Hollander in action.

PS this does not now certify you as a TRX or VIPr master trainer.

Seen them being done in the gym with this equipment? No why not?

I spoke to a UK Mastertrainer for VIPr, he told me he went to a gym once and he said ‘We’re going to use VIPr!’ The groups response ‘Really. It’s boring.’ He then proceeded to blow them away with his knowledge of the equipment and showing them exercises that they had never seen before.

Here’s the catch for the Fitness Industry. They spend a lot of money on equipment. Have you been to a gym lately? It’s like a sweet shop. You have TRX, VIPr, Kettlebells, Sandbags, Boxing kit, BOSU, rollers, Swiss Balls, SAQ equipment, Lebert Equalisers. Most of the time nicely stored away. Why? Because the instructors don’t know how to use it, and so the members don’t, even though the members are getting pretty good at watching Youtube now and getting ideas themselves.

But whose responsibility is it to become efficient in use of the equipment? The Fitness Professional or the Company who employs them?

Well the Fitness Professional would argue the Company – but to send fitness professionals onto 8 hours courses would cost the company a small fortune. Also they could spend lots of money on training that individual and they would leave and set up on their own. (Oh that happens already.) Why?

The Fitness Professional – well it’s their job. To become a top trainer, to excel in what they do, they should pay and go on training courses off their own back. After all if your attached to REPs ( Register of Exercise Professionals) here in the UK you have to earn 24 CPD points every 2 years so that’s at least one course every year. However the Fitness Professional will say they are not paid enough! There is no financial incentive to go on a training course. You would get more PT clients if you can demonstrate a higher learning and skill set right?

So what is the solution? At the moment we are in the world of Internal Training and Youtube.

Is this really where we want our fitness industry to be?

The other thing you have to ask yourself is could something have evolved? Thinking could be different. Oh yes I did an indoor cycling qualification back in 2005. Oh right? Been on another one since? No. I know how to do it. So how are you teaching pedal stroke. Push/Pull! Oh technically then.
You’re doing push-ups on the handlebars. I see.

Anyway I think I’ve made my point. Raise the standards. Learn progressions. Learn your skill. Become a master in one or two, not a jack of all trades. Make sure you learn from the best.

So after attending the Lebert Fitness course I was stood on a precipice of greatness. I had my Velocity Indoor Cycling Program in one hand, and in the other the UK Master trainer for Lebert. Then I looked down, at the swarming over-crowded world of fitness equipment and training providers and thought now what.

There’s only one thing to do. It’s just like crossing a street in Ho Chi Minh – step out into the traffic and don’t stop walking.

If I hadn’t attended this training course – I would not of run a training course for Lebert in the UK and met some awesome trainers from Greece, Korea and Solvakia. I would not now be a Global Master trainer for Lebert Fitness, working with some of the best fitness trainers in the world. Currently working on a Lebarre project with @talktoJennhall. I would not have won Virgin Actives Clash of the Classes at FitPro. Which led me to attending IDEA in San Diego, working with Marc Lebert again and making the biggest realization for me in a long time! I was no longer a personal trainer who did indoor cycling classes. I was a group exercise trainer. I was a training provider.

Take a risk. Who knows what opportunities will follow.

Oh and from having one small provider in the UK, I got Lebert Fitness a bigger distributor Fitquote.

To date I have successfully run 2 courses. One with 2 people, the other with 12 people but that was free to try and sell kit off the back of it. Oh you’re doing what? Watching clips on Youtube.

Great here is one I did earlier. All about Jumping!

PS This does not make you a certified Lebert Fitness Instructor.